Naomi Zeveloff (Editor)

Naomi Zeveloff is an American reporter, editor, and writing coach based in Jaffa. The former Middle East correspondent of The Forward, she has written for The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, CityLab, and many other outlets. Her story tracking down the child stars of a 1990s documentary on Jerusalem was awarded a Sigma Delta Chi prize from the Society of Professional Journalists. She grew up in Ogden, Utah but can’t stand green Jell-O, the official state snack food.

Stories By Naomi Zeveloff (Editor)

The Great Everywoman Outfit Contest of 1915

A century ago, a cadre of women demanded to be freed from the tyranny of fashion. Their innovative ideas and radical demands—pockets!—took the country by storm.

History’s Greatest Horse Racing Cheat and His Incredible Painting Trick

In the sport’s post-Depression heyday, one audacious grifter beat the odds with an elaborate scam: disguising fast horses to look like slow ones.