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Epic Love Stories & Secret Lives

Interested in writing for Narratively? We're looking for pitches about epic love stories and people with surprising passions!

Our All-Time Favorite Narratively Memoirs

We recently announced our Spring 2022 Memoir Prize, and it got us thinking about memoir pieces we love! Read this selection of our editors' all-time favorite memoirs.

Narratively is Excited to Announce Our Debut Spring Memoir Prize!

Enter now through June 27 with an original true story that illuminates an unexpected perspective that you alone can share.

The Hidden History of Marijuana

Curious about weed's origins on this 4/20? Well look no further. We pulled together five surprising stories about the history of marijuana to celebrate Snoop Dogg's favorite holiday.

Everyday I’m Hustlin’: Our 5 Best Stories on Innovative Entrepreneurs

To quote Kim Kardashian’s iconic words: “It seems like no one wants to work these days.” These five innovative entrepreneurs are proving her very wrong.

Reader-Submitted Mini Memoirs: High School Scandals

From an unwanted kiss on a doorstep to toxic rumors in a cornfield, these are our favorite reader submissions.

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Love in Strange Places

Opening the door to a handsome Brit or reaching for the same pair of cashmere gloves—we all dream of our own “meet-cute.” But, alas, life isn’t directed by Nora Ephron and romance finds a way to catch us off guard. This week, we bring you five...

True Deceptive & Extraordinary High School Sports Stories

Interested in writing for Narratively? We're looking for pitches about extraordinary high school sports teams and people who have let lies spin out of control!