Natalie Kassirer

Natalie Kassirer is an artist currently located in New York City. In her art, she is interested in exploring pop culture, human interaction, and nature's relationship to humanity.

Stories By Natalie Kassirer

What It Feels Like to Be Adopted at 17

After years of misery and abuse, I finally learned what it’s like to have a loving and supportive family—right before my childhood officially ended.

Reclaiming My Rape, for My Sake and My Daughter’s

When I was drugged and assaulted by a friend in high school, I didn’t even know whether to call it rape. Thirteen years later, Internet activism helped me process my old trauma.

That Time the Internet Sent a SWAT Team to My Mom’s House

When I set out to research the out-of-control harassment problem in gamer culture, I never dreamed my mother would be caught up in the middle of it all.