Paige Mehrer

Paige Mehrer is an illustrator based in Brooklyn who recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design.  She also makes zines, books, and other little things.

Stories By Paige Mehrer

The Sexual Assault Case That Shook Ancient Rome

A prominent politician was accused of raping a 12-year-old actress—in 54 B.C. The way his legendary lawyer dismissed it speaks volumes about how we prosecute these crimes now.

How Stripping Made My Family Stronger

Some people think that sex work and a happy home life can't possibly go together. They're wrong.

My Father’s Dying Days Showed Me There’s No Such Thing As ‘Death With Dignity’

Hospice care was supposed to make it all easier — for him and for us. But that hardly helped when the man I loved was reduced to nothing.

Losing the Language of Love

You lose a lot when a loved one dies, but for me the most impossible thing to bear was watching my husband’s secret lingo and our cheeky private jokes slowly slip from existence.