peech breshears

peech breshears can still occasionally be found tooling around Wichita on their Vespa, for the time being. They are a published writer, director of inclusion at the @HeauxHistoryProject, a Vizling App fellow, and a master’s degree candidate in English with a focus on comics studies. You can read more of their precious trash at and on their Instagram, TikTok or Twitter, @peecharrifica. The most interesting thing about them, they’ll tell you, is their dog Wallace and how much they love Jesus, motorcycles, and other people.

Stories By peech breshears

The Fastest Formerly Blind ‘Biker Babe’ in Wichita

I woke up one morning in my mid-thirties and suddenly couldn’t see. I vowed if I ever got my vision back I would live life differently — I had no idea that would mean flying down highways twice the speed limit with a colorful crew in the dead of...