Sara Lautman

Sara Lautman is an illustrator and comics artist from New Jersey. She has drawn for publications like Bitch Magazine, The L Magazine, The Hairpin, Heeb and The Morning News. Her blog is called MACROGROAN!

Stories By Sara Lautman

A Eulogy for the Ultimate Dive Bar

Under the F train in an industrial stretch of Brooklyn, a writer explores the fading history of a bizarre and beloved smoke-filled room that was quite literally a hole in the wall.

Disco Biscuits and Beats

Backstage at Camp Bisco, the drug-fueled bacchanal that is also one of New York State's largest outdoor music festivals.

An Immodest Proposal

How much money is needed to overstep your own moral boundaries?

In the Morning, Feeling Half Right

Lights, excitement and skyline drew me in, but when the fog finally cleared I found much more.