Sarah Lammer

Sarah Lammer is an artist.

Stories By Sarah Lammer

I Got Kicked Out of Camp

That time the façade I constructed got me banned from camp.

Lies I Told At Camp

What happens at camp stays at camp. So why not be whoever you want?

The Nighttime Incident and the Mysterious Log

Tales of Mystery Poop from Bunk 3.

Forces To Reckon With

First kisses and stormy nights. Tales of love and near death experiences at summer camp.

How a Homeless Stint in High School Brought My Family Together

While my friends focused on school crushes and prom dates, my recently evicted family shared a bleak motel room—and finally faced how my mother’s mental illness led us there.

Dying For Some Action

Tales from my doomed trip to Tennessee.

Come Through the Music

Tunes, travel and time to reflect.

Black and Blue: A Tale from Tanzania

Body bags and boat rides. Tragic views from travels.

Winning Tricks and Dodging Bribes on the Trans-Siberian Railroad

Alcohol and card games. Buttering up the Russian cops.