Shannon Firth

Shannon Firth is a journalist who lives in Brooklyn. She has written about authors, running, and the elusive nature of women’s friendship. Her work has been published by The Independent, The Local, Nerve and finding Dulcinea.

Stories By Shannon Firth

The Bank of Bygone Bookmarks

In a small New York town, a bookshop owner finds his calling among the love letters and photographs left in the pages of dusty old novels.

Her Golden Gloves

Knowing full well the world of women’s boxing offers little in the way of glory, fame or riches—at least for those not named Ali or Frazier—one quick-footed Italian immigrant determines to conquer it anyway.

Keep on Truckin’

On the trash-strewn lot in Brooklyn where his house once stood, a former architect makes his bed inside a beat-up old pick-up.

A Place to Rest

Exploring the convoluted and costly business of where to spend an afterlife in New York City.