Sophie Butcher

Sophie Butcher is a designer for The New York Times. She is also an active freelance illustrator and photographer based in Brooklyn.

Stories By Sophie Butcher

My Mother the Ganja Dealer

Two kilos of marijuana mailed to a newborn baby ignited my hippy mom’s quarter-century career as a pot dealer—and launched a family legend that was almost too good to believe.


A Beam of Hope

Everyman for Himself

Meet two New Yorkers named Sam with a plan to radically alter your coffeehouse experience.

The Strange Life of a Teenage Pageant Host

Fainting. Crying. Puddles of pee. Welcome to the world of Zak Slemmer, and the youth beauty contests he so desperately loves.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Native New Yorkers… And Have Probably Asked, Too

Interviews with those who grew up in a place where people come to start their lives.

Chasing Cornelia

Over cheap coffee and top-shelf champagne, a young writer has her first meeting with a millionaire, an Upper East Side socialite and onetime "deb of the decade."

Teenage, Undocumented, and Speaking Out

Two young immigrants slowly come to grips with what it means to be undocumented in the only place they call home.

The View From The Top

A successful social climber works her way into New York’s upper echelon, only to wonder what she’s doing there.

Fortunate One

A writer turned PR director turned stockbroker finds her calling among a deck of tarot cards.