Stav Dimitropoulos

Stav Dimitropoulos is a journalist and writer who has written for VICE, In The Fray, Global Government Forum and others, and has reported for CBC and CBS.

Stories By Stav Dimitropoulos

How a Turkish Teacher Put a Pedophile Principal Behind Bars for 200 Years

Saadet Özkan was furious that neither the school system nor the courts was adequately inclined to seek justice for her students. So she did it herself.

Stuck in Limbo, These Muslim Men Are Turning to Prostitution, and Grappling with Guilt

Inside a refugee camp in Greece, where Afghans take desperate measures to feed their families — and their hashish habits.

He Battled the Communists and Was Tortured By the Taliban. Will Europe Take Him In?

A militant rebel leader left everything behind to flee Afghanistan for Greece. Now he and his family live in limbo while his violent past continues to haunt him.