Susannah Edelbaum

Susannah Edelbaum grew up in Amagansett and is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn. She is the editor of The High Low and has written for Overflow, Idiom, and Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art.

Stories By Susannah Edelbaum

Mayela the Brave

Born to privilege in the Philippines then uprooted to a new life as a post-war Army wife in Queens, a near-centenarian New Yorker looks back on nine-plus decades and nine thousand miles.

A Eulogy for the Ultimate Dive Bar

Under the F train in an industrial stretch of Brooklyn, a writer explores the fading history of a bizarre and beloved smoke-filled room that was quite literally a hole in the wall.

Fire Island and the Summer of Pernod

Spending summer swimming at the bottom of bottles.