Tim Peacock

Tim Peacock is an illustrator and cartoonist living and working in Brooklyn.

Stories By Tim Peacock

The Tow Truck Turf War and the Driver Left for Dead

In Pittsburgh, the tow truck business is notoriously cutthroat. This winter, two rivals arrived at the same wreck and the feud crossed a line.

Why I Dodge Speeding Cars to Rescue Rattlesnakes

These elegant creatures aren’t the murderous monsters you’ve seen in the movies. If I don’t save them, who will?

My Father’s Four Years of Passionate and Earnest Love Letters — to Jamba Juice

After 40+ years as a play-it-straight insurance lawyer, my secretly witty dad finally found his ideal creative outlet in the land of Super Antioxidant Smoothies. (I’m not so sure the Jamba Juice CEO agrees.)