Vanessa Garcia

Vanessa Garcia is the author of White Light, a novel named one of NPR’s Best Books of 2015.

Stories By Vanessa Garcia

Fidel Castro Is Dead. What Will Cuban-Americans Like Me Do Now?

Our parents and grandparents fought the dictator for half a century. Can young people finally repair the tortured relationship between our two homelands?

My Family Fled Communist Cuba. Last Week I Took a Cruise There.

With memories of torture and misery imprinted on their minds, my grandparents can’t understand why I’d ever want to visit Castro country. But when the first U.S. cruise to Cuba in fifty years set sail, I just had to be on board.

I Paid Off My Student Loans…and All I Had to Do Was Win a Mercedes-Benz

As a post-grad struggling to build a creative career while drowning in debt, I was desperate for a lifeline. Then one rolled right up in the form of a $50,000 luxury SUV.

The Unbearable Loneliness of a Cubana in Miami

A successful artist in Havana, Jacqueline Zerquera risked life and limb to escape to America. Did she make a terrible mistake?