Vinnie Rotondaro

Vinnie Rotondaro was Narratively’s Editor at Large. He lives and writes in Alexandria, Virginia. He is also opening a bar.

Stories By Vinnie Rotondaro

How Trump Seduced the White Working Class By Preying on Their Physical Pain

Can an actual ache in their bones explain why so many Rust Belt voters flocked to the New York billionaire? A coalminer’s grandson digs deep to find out.

Nick Brown Smelled Bull

A plucky amateur dared to question a celebrated psychological finding. He wound up blowing the whole theory wide open.


A Photographer on a Shooting Spree

Everyman for Himself

Meet two New Yorkers named Sam with a plan to radically alter your coffeehouse experience.

Nuns on the Road

A gassed-up bus, scriptures about being a mustard seed and protest, all in the name of immigration reform.

Kidder & Todd’s Good Prose

A Narratively Short where the art of non-fiction storytelling is discussed and the future of journalism is debated.

The Ins and The Outs

Along one of New York's most rapidly changing boulevards, a look below the surface exposes what—and who—is really driving gentrification in Crown Heights.

Who is Roger Dean Fischer?

From Berkeley Springs to Brooklyn, a tale of homemade bombs and coal-fired pizza.