Zack Herrera

Zack Herrera has dedicated his career to documenting the Los Angeles myth. He has completed three large-scale documentary projects ("Stripland Nights," "Downtown Oz" and "Made In San Pedro") exploring a diversified Los Angeles landscape in present-day America. He graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 2009.

Stories By Zack Herrera

Sounds Like Teen Spirit

A young woman with a weakened sense of smell, and a heightened love of music, explores the science behind why songs can have such a powerful pull on memory and...

The Discreet Charms of L.A.’s Discount Wonderland

Others may swoon for the boutiques of Beverly Hills, but for my father and me, the faux Rolexes, knockoff Chanels and wholesale cologne of Santee Alley are the pinnacle of panache.

Reviving the Beat of the Barrio

In 1940s East L.A., Mexican-Americans donned zoot suits and dodged violence as they pioneered a little-known musical genre. Today, their grandchildren are bringing pachuco back to...