Believable Podcast, Episode 2: This Is What’s Going to Happen

Stephanie was pregnant with her second child when she started having disturbing premonitions. Most people wrote off her feelings. And then things got strange.

Believable Podcast, Episode 2: This Is What’s Going to Happen

In episode two of Narratively’s debut podcast, Believable, a family searches desperately for answers when an expectant mother begins seeing her terrifying fate all too clearly.

Believable is a podcast that explores how our stories define who we are. In each episode, we dive into a personal, eye-opening story where narratives conflict, and different perspectives about the truth collide. Listen to Believable below or on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

You can find the transcript for this episode here. 


Believable, Episode 2 Credits
Lead Producer & Sound Designer: Ryan Sweikert
Host & Executive Producer, Narratively Podcasts: Noah Rosenberg
Production Assistant: Emily Rostek
Story Consultant: Brendan Spiegel
Art Direction: Vinnie Neuberg
Episode Art: Zoe Van Dijk
Additional Support: Ula Kulpa, Julia Barton and Raffi Khatchadouria
Special Thanks: Rob Boynton, The NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and the Made in New York Media Center.