American Dreamless

When the ultimate aspiration goes up in flames.

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They’re Fed Up With America’s Racism. So They’re Moving to Africa.

Ghana’s capital is home to a booming economy, a thriving tech scene, and a growing number of professionals who’ve decided to stop chasing the American dream.

Going Back to a Home I Never Knew

Thirty-three years ago, my mother fled Hong Kong for the opportunity of a lifetime in the West. When I made the reverse move, we both learned more than we ever expected to about where we belong.

The American Dream is Huge in Asia

The young and ambitious from Eastern Europe to the Far East are all still chasing the American idyll of fast cars, fancy clothes and glamorous jobs—but now they’re finding it by returning home.

Daisy Jambawo’s Sad, Strange Trip

When a Zimbabwean immigrant is murdered by her husband, two families across two continents erupt in a months-long struggle to bring her body home.

The Unbearable Loneliness of a Cubana in Miami

A successful artist in Havana, Jacqueline Zerquera risked life and limb to escape to America. Did she make a terrible mistake?

The Soldier Who Needed ‘Nam

After returning from war with a minefield of memories and a lifelong case of PTSD, Don Blackburn never again found peace—until he made Vietnam home.

Allergic to America

My parents immigrated to an America of unbridled hope and prosperity. Forty years later, I discovered a work culture so stressful and unbalanced it made me physically ill. So I left.