Best Trip I Ever Took

In this special series presented by Expedia, four writers share the stories of truly unforgettable expeditions.

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Europe, the Very, Very Long Way

It takes four hours to fly the 3,500 miles from England to Istanbul. It took me 247 days to walk.

The Mountain that Eats Men

For nearly 500 years, El Cerro Rico has given Bolivia silver and claimed millions of men. Now, a few fearless tourists are journeying deep inside.

Fear the Volcano, Conquer the Climb

After quitting our jobs and heading to the other side of the world, our only plans were lying in the perfect white sand and soaking up paradise. But six thousand feet up, the mystical mountain beckoned.

Off the Deep End in Captain Karl’s Homemade Yellow Submarine

An American expatriate living off the coast of Honduras pilots his experimental vehicle 2,000 feet down. I joined him for an unforgettable encounter with the mysteries of the deep.