The murky world of border crossings and strange encounters in foreign lands.

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We Were Raped and Tortured. We Refuse to Hide Our Faces.

He Lost Everything Trying to Reach the U.S. – and Still Has 1,000 Miles to Go

We’ve heard the horror stories of crossing the border from Mexico. But one migrant’s time dodging gangsters and riding atop freight trains reveals the perilous journey...

These Vietnamese Girls Were Abducted and Sold in China. One Daring Group of Do-Gooders Kidnapped Them Back.

When hundreds of young women were sent off to brothels, factories and eager husbands across the border, a local children’s foundation hatched a heroic rescue plan.

They Were Brought to the U.S. as Kids—Then Sent Back to a Country They Barely Know

As Trump’s wall threatens to become a reality, four Mexicans deported under Obama watch their hopes of returning slip away.


What Do You Give a Country for Its 100th Birthday? How About an Entire Mountain?

Neighborly Norwegians hatched a plan for Finland’s 2017 centennial: gift them their country’s new highest peak. But is their quirky plan an insurmountable climb?


When Your Farm Becomes a War Zone

An Aging WWII Refugee: ‘We Can’t Turn Our Backs on the Refugees of Today’

Seventy years ago, the United States admitted 600,000 European war refugees—and our country was stronger for it. I know because I was one of them.

Can This App Help Syrian Refugees Survive in Exile?

Even once they find freedom, an endless maze of legal issues and language barriers stand in any immigrant’s way. One refugee coder is building the tools to break down those...


You’ve Just Been Released From the Largest Detention Center in America. This Is Your Next Stop.