Born to Dance

Renegades with an unwavering love for stomping, spinning and flying through the air.

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The Jamaican Dance Style Keeping Brooklyn Kids Off the Street

Give Me Flamenco or Give Me Death

Despite its status as the underappreciated stepchild of the dance world, a small cadre of New Yorkers profess undying devotion to the dramatic Spanish art form.


A Drag Queen’s Nightly Transformation

Meet Sergio Conrad, aka Digna Shei, drag queen extraordinaire who loves to lip synch to Madonna and dance at Lotus Blue.


The Caucasian Sensation

After decades spent leaping and spinning through the mountains of Dagestan, a homegrown dance legend reinvents himself in a New York City studio.


Brooklyn’s Backyard Drag Queen

The Final Step

After a lifetime of grueling early-morning rehearsals, late-night performances, and single-minded goals, what’s a dancer to do when she reaches not-so-old retirement age?

Disco Mike’s Surfer Stomp

Whether waacking, shuffling, jiving or jeet koon-ing, when fifty-six-year-old Michael Park starts moving, the dance floor clears and he takes center stage.