Extra Time in Brazil

Soccer, southern hospitality, and more soccer. Stories from South America's largest country.

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A Man, a Van and the World Cup’s Craziest Plan

When Miguel Peña and three broke friends began a 5,000-mile road trip to the World Cup final, nothing—not torrential floods, thieves, or unconscionable referees—could derail their dream.


Meet the Millions of Brazilians Battling for Shelter


Gary Hershorn’s Off-field World Cup Album

Batman of Brazil

As the world marvels at the shiny soccer stadiums from Rio to Recife, a working class hero dons a mask and cape and battles for the people.

Brazil’s Secret History of Southern Hospitality

After the American Civil War, some 7,000 Confederates set sail for Brazil. Their Dixie-loving descendants are one of the world's most unique micro-cultures.