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A Turk’s Coffee in Bohemia

An American abroad discovers the strange art of Turkish coffee.

The Anthora Coffee Cup: A New York Love Story

A brief history of the Anthora, New York City’s iconic blue-and-white coffee cup, and a writer’s quest to get her hands around one.

Uncommon Ground

An Ethiopian immigrant reaches out to Washington, D.C., with the sweet-scented incense and hand-roasted beans of one of the world's oldest coffee ceremonies.

From the Bowels of a Beast

In the foggy hills of the northern Philippines, committed and courageous harvesters reach into the unlikeliest of places to produce some of the world’s most coveted coffee.

Tales From Our Baristas

New York’s professional coffee connoisseurs say what they really think about pouring, pricing, and waking up with the roosters to keep you cool, calm and caffeinated.

Everyman for Himself

Meet two New Yorkers named Sam with a plan to radically alter your coffeehouse experience.

An Ode to Beautiful Brown Sludge

In an age of pour-over pretention and venti half-caf caramel macchiatos, a love letter to the mind-jolting, tongue-burning, time-killing power of a regular old cuppa joe.

The Coffee Chronicler

New York’s foremost java expert explains how we got to $5 single-brews and $75-a-pound beans, and just where the heck we’re going next.