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Meet the King of YouTube’s Battle-Rap Videos

Drone footage, outraged neighbors, and gunshots on set – it’s all another day at work for this self-taught 28-year-old filmmaker.

An NYC Rap Icon’s Latest Hustle: Hip-Hop Coordinator…At the Library

In the ’80s, Ralph McDaniels helped young rappers like Notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z make their names. Today he’s teaching hip-hop history to a new generation of youth.

A Night with ‘the Beyonce and Jay Z of Beatboxing’

In one Brooklyn group house, six champions are working overtime to legitimize their offbeat art form.

The Indie City’s Hip-Hop Godfather

In a hipster-hued rock 'n' roll town, one enigmatic musician raps his way to the top, and provides a path for Austin's next generation of talent.

Intern Steve Conquers the Rap World

In the golden age of underground hip-hop, a small-town kid gets behind the wheel on a tour that is doomed from the start.


Mr. Iraq Takes the Mic

A fast-rapping MC injects renewed rhythm into the saga of the Iraqi people.

The Chocolatier for the Hip-Hop Ear

A soul-searching Los Angeleno finds religion in the rhythm of hip-hop and seeks to spread the faith, one sweet boom-box-shaped bite at a time.

Rappers Take Back the Streets

One fervent hip-hop fan wants New York City’s street signs to shout out the genre-busting music that was born here. Not everyone thinks that’s such a good idea.