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I Was 12 and Suicidal. Cleaning Cat Piss for a Year Made Me Realize I Wasn’t Worthless.

How to Catch a Cat Killer

A serial pet-murderer is terrorizing London’s suburbs, brutally slaughtering hordes of defenseless kitties. A pair of amateur private detectives is determined to crack the case.


That Time I Almost Had to Saw My Kitty’s Mitts Off

The Dead Cat on My Doorstep

When a young urbanite returns home to an unsettling sight, confusion and horror give way to a complex quest to help an unfortunate creature rest in peace.


Ten Lives: A Man and a Cat at Death’s Door

How Grumpy Cat Changed My Life

After driving over three hours to take a photo with a frowny-faced feline, a writer ponders the cat-celebrity phenomenon, and all its maddening memes and gif-filled gloriousness.

The Queen of Street Cats

New York City has more than a million feral felines. One Queens resident has a humane—and controversial—plan to save them all.