Cheating Death

We all die. Until we don't.

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I Was Crushed By an 18-Wheeler. But I Wouldn’t Change a Thing About That Day.

How a gruesome brush with death made me wake up to the world.

A Cancer-Surviving Composer’s Extraordinary Movement

A sudden and rare brain tumor leads to an accomplished musician’s brush with death and a gap between his brain and his body – but Anthony Ptak will make music any way he can.


All Winter

The mother of a toddler with a fatal disorder will try anything to save her fragile life – from a string of ineffectual drugs to a controversial cannabis experiment.

To Be Read in the Event of My Death

A writer embedded in Afghanistan takes an intimate look at one of war’s most private and painful traditions.

Luck and Death on the Snowiest Night

A scared young surgeon in Communist Romania faces the storm of his life when an angry midnight mob demands he save a newborn’s life.

A Roughed-Up Rider’s Race to the Altar

When a take-no-prisoners motocross rider suffers a horrific thirty-foot fall weeks before her wedding, she fights her way out of a coma and vows to walk down the aisle on her own...