These folks were made for the spotlight—and all the hilarity and uncertainty that comes with it.

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The Outcasts of Drag Have a New Kind of Queen

As this once fringe cultural scene goes mainstream, women and gender-nonconforming artists like Ata Racks are challenging notions of who can take the stage.

America’s Next Top Male Model Wears Size XXXXL

Ady del Valle grew up idolizing the fashion industry, but never saw anyone in it who looked like him. He decided to change that.

The Dual Lives of Cape Town’s Congolese Dandies

Strutting down the streets of South Africa, a band of dashingly dressed migrants proudly display their loud and colorful subculture in a place that can be less than welcoming to outsiders.

A Male Model’s Journey to the Edge and Back

How a pimply Canadian farmboy rose to conquer the runways of Paris and Milan, then fell into a downward spiral of days-long drug trips, perpetual partying and a very public breakdown.

The Original New Orleans Diva

With sequins on her arms and a cocktail stirrer hanging from her neck, the most vibrant and vivacious member of NOLA’s preeminent restaurant family made the city her personal playground.


Sister Sparkle and the Queer Nuns of the Redwood Forest

Laura Agudelo Is Living Large

In beauty-obsessed Bogotá, a plus-size fashionista challenges Colombia’s cultural norms, inspiring thousands of Latin American ladies to look good and feel great at any size.

The Leading Lady vs. The Loser

She was the overachieving, hyper-talented diva of our high school. I was the jealous tone-deaf wannabe. Obviously, I hated her—until our paths crossed at the Met Opera twenty years later.