Meet the renegades who are creating change, and taking names in the process.

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The Vegan Who Bought Her Husband’s Cattle Ranch

...and turned it into an animal sanctuary.

The Club Helping Women of Color Finally Talk About Depression

Elyse Fox isn’t keeping quiet about her depression anymore, and she doesn’t want other women to have to, either.

New Mexico Has the Highest Teen Pregnancy Rate in the Nation. One Group Is There With Help—for the Dads.

How a tiny nonprofit prepares nervous young fathers for life’s biggest challenge, and then sticks with them for years to come.

My Secret Life on the Front Lines of America’s Conservation Movement

From tracking wolf-poachers and dodging bears to dissecting deer doodoo, the work of a traveling wildlife biologist isn’t pretty, but it sure is thrilling.

The Flying Santas Who Airdrop Christmas Cheer to America’s Lighthouse Keepers

When a 1920s aviation pioneer launched a thank-you project for the families that keep coastal ships safe, he propelled a tradition that’s lasted longer than he ever imagined.


The Man Who’s Building Homes From Plastic Bottles

In only a few decades there will be more pieces of plastic in the sea than fish. Robert Bezeau made it his mission to do something good with all that trash.

These Amateur Fact-Checkers Took on Their Country’s Lying Politicians

After a consolidation of power in Romania, politicos thought they could get away with anything. These outraged citizens thought otherwise.


How a Hand-Cranked Radio Battled AIDS in Africa

A prolific inventor dreamed up everything from the self-weighing suitcase to electricity-generating shoes. But his ultimate invention was a simple device with the power to spread knowledge to the most remote corners the world.

Bernie Goetz, Squirrel Vigilante

New York’s infamous subway shooter is on an unorthodox mission to save the city’s squirrels—even if that means putting their snouts in his mouth.