Drinking Buddies

Beer, wine, booze and the ways that they bind us.

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They Meet Up in Motels Across America…to Trade Old Beer Cans

Their collections may look like trash to you, but these guys know every can has a story—and some have shockingly high price tags, too.

One Entrepreneur’s Battle to Bring Beer to Sober Island

Rebecca Atkinson hatched an ambitious plan to launch the first brewery on this aptly named Nova Scotian isle. Instead, her oyster-brewed stout ignited a turf war with a longtime oyster farmer.

Born on St. Patrick’s Day

When you’re born on March 17, people love to pair your birthday with drinking and debauchery. But when you grow up accompanying your parents to AA meetings, it’s all a little less charming.

Spilling Secrets

A bartender opens up about what it’s really like to spend your nights as a therapist/wingman/entertainer/best friend for an entire roomful of inebriated New Yorkers.

The Great Brooklyn Vodka Experiment

In a Sunset Park warehouse that looks more like a science fair than a distillery, a fisherman, a yoga teacher, two art school grads and a machinist set out to invent the perfect vodka—just because they can.

A Eulogy for the Ultimate Dive Bar

Under the F train in an industrial stretch of Brooklyn, a writer explores the fading history of a bizarre and beloved smoke-filled room that was quite literally a hole in the wall.

The Wonderbrewer of Nowheresville

On a 230-year-old family farm in a remote corner of Vermont, an enigmatic young brewer quietly stirs up some of the most acclaimed beers in the world.

American Wakes

A Narratively contributor learns a little about his family's drinking history and his homeland's traditions.

Drinking with the Dead

In a rollicking pub on the edge of the Bronx, an Irish-American enclave clings tight to the tradition of celebrating, rather than mourning, their dead.