Ends of the Earth

Stories of travel to the faraway places you've never seen.

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What Life Is Like in a Village with No Children

After a drought devastated La Cienga, Ecuador, every working family packed up and left. Just twelve somber senior citizens linger with the ghosts of their former lives.


The Extreme Travelers Who Self-Exile in Siberia

For the Perfect Jerk Chicken, Fly to Newfoundland

Why two Jamaican exiles opened their dream restaurant 2,500 miles from home.

The Photographer at the Top of the World

When a Danish special forces operative was stationed in remote Greenland, he found his calling: getting up-close and personal with the rarified creatures on the edge of the Earth.


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Breaking Into the Holy Grail of Texas Swimming Holes

In unbearably hot Central Texas, a unique underground ecosystem creates ice-cold springs that seem sent from the gods—including one otherworldly oasis protected by active security...

The Mountain that Eats Men

For nearly 500 years, El Cerro Rico has given Bolivia silver and claimed millions of men. Now, a few fearless tourists are journeying deep inside.

Off the Deep End in Captain Karl’s Homemade Yellow Submarine

An American expatriate living off the coast of Honduras pilots his experimental vehicle 2,000 feet down. I joined him for an unforgettable encounter with the mysteries of the deep.


The Mysterious Sea Ape of the Aleutian Archipelago