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Stories of those who stand up for the place they live.

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This Heavy Metal Band Is Hell-Bent on Saving an Endangered Language

As the Brazilian tribal language Tupi Guarani nears extinction, this hyper-aggressive group is raising awareness about the urgent need to save it – one power chord at a time.

He Was Harassed for Wearing a Turban. Then He Built a Global Fashion Brand to Show the World What Sikh Pride Means.

Harinder Singh’s cheeky clothing is making waves in India — and far beyond — by putting a hip new spin on his ancient and often...

The Al Gore of Polynesia

On a tiny South Pacific isle, a small-town mayor uses ancient fishing techniques to provide sustainability for his family—and a detailed PowerPoint to ensure his traditions never...

Building a Future for Palestine

In the war-torn landscape of the West Bank, Bashar Masri sees an endless field of gleaming condos, and a future for his people.

The Great Canadian Hoops Hope

Despite a disappointing rookie season in the NBA, Anthony Bennett’s star couldn’t be any brighter in the impoverished Toronto neighborhood of his youth.