Falls From Grace

Can't always be a shining star. Talking about the times we fell back to Earth.

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Confessions of a Failed Self-Help Guru

I traveled around the country telling strangers how to better their lives—until I learned that the those offering to solve your problems are often the ones who need help.

Crushing Up Pain Pills and Spitting Out Lives in West Virginia Coal Country

An economically devastated swath of Appalachia became ground zero for America’s alarming epidemic of opioid addiction. These are the people trying desperately to lift themselves up and out.

I Wrote the Book on Getting Kicked Out of Book Clubs

I was a lonely writer in a strange new city. The Internet told me joining a book club would solve all my problems. But the Internet has never had to read historical romance about Hitler or earnestly discuss “The Help” with joyless Midwestern...

A Father Defends His Empty Nest

After a broken engagement, my daughter was just one more millennial moving back into her childhood bedroom. And I was one more aging parent feeling guilty for wanting my humble home to myself.