Flirting With Disaster

Some call it self-destructive, others call it life. Tales from living on the edge.

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As a Fugitive With a Fake Name, I Discovered the Real Me

I was arrested at an anti-war protest, jumped bail and went on the run. That's when my story really began.

A Rare Blood Disorder Could Wipe Out This Ancient Tribe

In a tiny jungle village in West Bengal, India, the Totos of Totopara hold tight to their traditional way of life. But can they survive without compromising their ideals?

I Kid You Not: My Arm Was Eaten By An Escalator

It was an urban legend come to life. The machine seemed possessed, taking bloody chunks out of my arm while I struggled to get free.

Confessions of a Jewel Mule: That Time I Smuggled a Fortune in Precious Gems Through US Customs

I spent my twenties saying yes to every crazy opportunity that came my way. When my best friend suggested this Mexican adventure, maybe I should have just said no.

Walking a Cabbage in Kashmir—to Protest the Absurdity of War

Pushed to the brink by the insanity of life in a land on military lockdown, one mysterious resident embarks on a decidedly bizarre piece of performance art.

The Drab Ukrainian Office Block That Birthed a Revolution

Two years ago today, the headquarters of Ukraine’s uprising went up in flames while protestors were shot in the streets. Those who survived are determined to preserve the legacy...

Flirting with Fame and Dodging a Predator in 1970s Iran

At the age of thirteen, my trip to a film festival in the Middle East turned terrifying when a grown man invited himself to my hotel room. I escaped unscathed, but I’ve been...


The Reckoning of the Wheat

An English Teacher’s Escape from ISIS

After the Islamic State overruns his hometown, a militiaman turned educator makes a harrowing decision to bring his family to freedom.