Flirting With Disaster

Some call it self-destructive, others call it life. Tales from living on the edge.

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As a Fugitive With a Fake Name, I Discovered the Real Me

I was arrested at an anti-war protest, jumped bail and went on the run. That's when my story really began.

A Rare Blood Disorder Could Wipe Out This Ancient Tribe

In a tiny jungle village in West Bengal, India, the Totos of Totopara hold tight to their traditional way of life. But can they survive without compromising their ideals?

I Kid You Not: My Arm Was Eaten By An Escalator

It was an urban legend come to life. The machine seemed possessed, taking bloody chunks out of my arm while I struggled to get free.

Confessions of a Jewel Mule: That Time I Smuggled a Fortune in Precious Gems Through US Customs

I spent my twenties saying yes to every crazy opportunity that came my way. When my best friend suggested this Mexican adventure, maybe I should have just said no.

Walking a Cabbage in Kashmir—to Protest the Absurdity of War

Pushed to the brink by the insanity of life in a land on military lockdown, one mysterious resident embarks on a decidedly bizarre piece of performance art.

The Drab Ukrainian Office Block That Birthed a Revolution

Two years ago today, the headquarters of Ukraine’s uprising went up in flames while protestors were shot in the streets.

Flirting with Fame and Dodging a Predator in 1970s Iran

At the age of thirteen, my trip to a film festival in the Middle East turned terrifying when a man invited himself to my hotel room. I escaped, but I’ve been haunted ever since.


The Reckoning of the Wheat

An English Teacher’s Escape from ISIS

After the Islamic State overruns his hometown, a militiaman turned educator makes a harrowing decision to bring his family to freedom.