You can't look 'em in the eye, but you can read about 'em. Tales from organized crime.

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The Black Widow Bank Robber’s Web of Secrets

Through a life of crime that spanned five decades, Linda Calvey’s husbands and lovers kept turning up dead. Now she’s out of prison, turning 72 today, and determined to clear her name.

How a Brutal Mafia Enforcer Became a Deadly Serious Marathoner

One of the Mumbai underworld’s most feared gunmen, Rahul Jadhav spent years running from the law. Now he runs for absolution.

The Time I Celebrated Carnival with Gang Leaders in Haiti

The Mardi Gras parties in Haiti are legendary. But living in the slums of Port-Au-Prince, one award-winning photographer discovered a very different kind of celebration.

My High School Girlfriend Became America’s Most Wanted Drug Queenpin

I lost my virginity to the baddest goth girl at theater camp. When I tracked her down fifteen years later I discovered just how dangerous Liz Barrer really was.

I Was a Hells Angel for 40 Years. This is the One Time I Doubted the Outlaw Lifestyle.

During an especially violent clash with a rival club, I began to wonder how long I’d last.


I Used to Terrorize This Neighborhood. Can I Give You a Tour?

After years of robbing people on the streets of Panama City, these former gangsters have learned there’s more than one way to shake down a tourist.

Playing ‘Street Fighter’ With the Chinese Mafia

In a dank Hong Kong gaming arcade, a pimply teenage boy challenges a stoic gangster to a hadouken-filled duel as a crowd watches in nervous silence.


‘Bill Gates Congo Man’ and his Crafty Crew of Preteen Gangsters

Meet three street kids growing up in war-ravaged Eastern Congo who survive on petty hustling, an unconventional sense of brotherhood, and no shortage of charm.


Echoes of the Mexican Mafia in the Bronx