Peeking behind the thin veil between life and death.

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The Ghost in the Machine

How a homeless former sound technician fused the power of smartphones and spirit-hunting to build a global business and become a paranormal industry phenom.

Up in the Old Asylum

As preservationists fight to save a pair of psychiatric hospitals from demolition, a photographer explores their decaying beauty and the century-old tales hidden within.

Phantoms of the Hamptons

In one of New York State’s oldest settlements, a quirky town crier and his shy Wiccan wife revel in sharing three hundred years’ worth of macabre local lore.


Living with the Dead


Matron of Morbidity

An octogenarian Australian finds her life’s mission wrapped up in a rather ghoulish pastime: the preservation of human body parts.

Secret Life of a Ghost Hunter

Far from the staged spookiness of cable TV, part-time paranormal investigator Dan Sturges pulls back the curtain on a decade spent searching for spirits.