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The right to bear arms...and all the horrors and debates that come with it.

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Before Parkland, Santa Fe and Columbine…There Was Concord High

In 1985, a 16-year-old dropout showed up to school with a shotgun. Everyone said it was just a fluke.

More Black Women Are Carrying Guns Than Ever Before. But Could I?

After we were both shaken by the killing of Philando Castile, I promised my father I'd learn to shoot.

Why I Didn’t Call the Cops When I Saw a Teen With a Gun

How did we, as a nation, get to the point where calling 911 on a black kid brandishing a weapon can feel more dangerous than doing nothing?

‘Truthers’ Insist My Photos of Sandy Hook Were Faked. They Can Go to Hell.

Covering the school shooting was the most important work I’ve done as a journalist. My photos are the furthest thing from fake news.

The Day I Told My Father to Shoot Himself

I’ve never spoken about what it was like growing up in a house overflowing with guns. But now I understand how even weapons that are never fired can wound us for life.

The Ultimate Antique Gun-Lovers Club

How an obsession with homemade eighteenth-century-style rifles brought together a widowed elementary school teacher, a retired married couple, an eager young college student—and...


In Broad Daylight

In tiny Chester, Pennsylvania, which has more murders per capita than almost anywhere in America, one man grieves for his fallen brother.

Secret Life of a Violence Interrupter

One South African ex-con spends his days defusing deadly encounters by getting right up in the middle of things.

I Was a Militia Man for a Day

The arms-bearing Oath Keepers have vowed to protect America from the tyranny of the federal government. I crashed a field training to see what they’re really all about.