Hidden Hollywood

A peak underneath the tanned, glittery skin of the people who make the movies.

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My Lifelong Journey to Find Pee-wee Herman

My first attempt to meet him turned out to be a cover story for my parents' messy split. Thirty years later, I decided to find Pee-wee on my own terms.

The Curse of Playing the Wicked Witch of the West

After nearly dying while filming “The Wizard of Oz,” Margaret Hamilton spent the rest of her career trying to escape her evil character’s long shadow.

Confessions of a Professional White Asshole

How I built a lucrative career (and gradually sold my soul) playing caricatures of awful white dudes on black TV shows.

I’m Not an Asian Stereotype, But I Play One on TV

As an extra I’ve played the role of “Asian Pedestrian” over and over again. I’ve been waiting for Hollywood to change, but am I part of the problem?

The Home for Hollywood Dreamers and Dropouts

From hypodermic needles to hallway ghosts, plus-size models to rockstar hopefuls, every room and resident in one Tinseltown tenement is almost famous.

The Stuntmen Who Blacklisted Blackface

Bill Cosby was outraged about working with white stunt doubles who were “painted down.” Half a century and many bumps and bruises later, a veteran crew of black stuntmen have flipped and flown their way into the annals of Hollywood.

The Secret World of Showbiz Seniors

Most think of acting as a young person’s pursuit, but granny rappers and sexy retirees are hot right now.

The Underpaid Grunts of TV Talk Show Land

The smiling, screaming audience on your favorite daytime show might not be so ecstatic after all.

The Outlier in the Mojave

An eighty-year-old mechanic with a fleet of custom dune buggies is Hollywood’s ticket to off-road perfection.