Hoop Dreams

A life in basketball isn't always a slam dunk. Stories from the court.

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The Lovable, Loudmouth King of NYC Basketball

At a Queens campus known for producing NBA stars, the can’t-miss Cardozo squad and their record-setting coach treat high school b-ball as much more than just a game.

Sleepless Nights and Homesick Hearts in the NBA

Behind the multimillion-dollar contracts and game-time glory, four basketball pros open up about the private pitfalls of living out every kid’s playground fantasy.

A Seven-Foot Phenom’s Long Fall Down

After overcoming a gruesome childhood injury that left him blind in one eye, this tenacious Texan was steps from the NBA when his greatest athletic gift revealed his Achilles heel—but Isaiah Austin wasn’t built for quitting.

Hooping with Hijab

As women’s basketball booms around the world, devout Muslim players from Bosnia to the Bronx grapple with a blanket ban on headwear of any kind.

The Relentless Drive of Toni Kukoc

Plenty of retired athletes take up golf. But when the Chicago Bulls’ legendarily versatile sixth man picks up a new pastime, he’s not playing any games.