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Hostel People #11: I Could Feel Myself Getting Older. Something Had to Be Done.

An English engineer with a midlife crisis drives 6,500 miles through the American heartland—and sticks it out as the only old guy at the hostel.

Hostel People #10: The World’s Second-Best ‘Game of Thrones’ Card Player Is Hungry for Revenge

A would-be Kingslayer on finding a safe space in a crowded city for one extremely competitive and quirky new pastime.

Hostel People #9: Growing Up We Had Nothing and War Was Everywhere. Now I Travel the World and Have It All.

A small-town Serbian boy on dreaming big and living large…and eavesdropping on loud-talking New Yorkers.

Hostel People #8: The Skyscrapers Tried to Expel Me

An architecture student from Shanghai on why the buildings of New York have thoughts and feelings—and how that can be truly terrifying.

Hostel People #7: How This Botox Belle Became a Yogi Goddess of Liberation

A blissed-out divorcee on the joys of “Conscious Uncoupling,” learning to be selfish, and mother-daughter bonding on the NYC subway.

Hostel People #6: How the Vietnam War Prepared Me for the Appalachian Trail

A determined thru hiker on dodging bears and battling Lyme disease—and trekking across NYC.

Hostel People #5: The Lovely Luck of Being Pooped on by a Pigeon

A big-talking Spanish señora on the kindness of strangers, what it’s like to be the loudest snorer in a roomful of men, and how a fly-by bird-bombing made her day.

Hostel People #4: Oh, That Scar On My Forehead? Just a Little Run-in with a Livid Leopard.

A safari-guide-turned-world-traveler on brushes with beasts, and how the real New York compares to the Big Apple of the movies.

Hostel People #3: The First Time That Times Square Has Ever Stopped an Anxiety Attack

An Aussie post-grad on circling the globe, getting lost in New York, and the unexpected comfort of walking shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of strangers.