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In this collection we've gathered our favorite inspirational stories from around the world, told over more than 6 years of publishing true stories on Narratively. Human beings are much more complex than we sometimes admit, and these inspirational stories from ordinary people prove exactly that. A daredevil race car driver who suffered through a debilitating accident, then created his own tech so he could still race at 130 miles per hour. A gay black American who met the love of his life in Europe during WWII, then refused to leave his side, even when it meant being captured buy the Nazis. A white stranger who opened her doors to a desperate immigrant family, saving them form homelessness - and the daughter who tracked her down decades later. Enjoy these true inspirational stories? At Narratively we focus on ordinary people with extraordinary stories. For more human stories, boldly told, visit our homepage, follow us on Facebook, and sign up for our newsletter here. PS: Moved to share your own real life inspirational stories? We're always on the lookout for ordinary people with extraordinary stories. If you've got our next story subject, send us a tip!

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These Fearless Females Are Drumming Their Way Into Music’s Biggest Boys’ Club

How an international contest is inspiring everyone from little girls to grandmas to pick up drumsticks — and may be saving the musical instrument industry in the process.

The Gay Black American Who Stared Down Nazis in the Name of Love

One of the most brilliant minds of the Harvard class of ’35, Reed Edwin Peggram met his soulmate on the eve of World War II and risked everything to stay by his side.

This Quadriplegic Daredevil Invented His Own Tech to Race at 130mph

After a devastating injury as a teenager, Mario Bonfante Jr. now races using equipment he built in his bedroom, and he’s ready to help others do the same.

After Years of Tumors, Growing a Baby Instead

Doctors said I probably wouldn't live to see my child grow up, but I still wanted to be a mom.

This Boy From Mumbai Became the World’s Unlikeliest Crossword King

As a teenager, Mangesh Ghogre was obsessed with decoding puzzles filled with foreign references. Now he’s the only non-American to ever create them for The New York Times.

How a Chinese Farmer’s YouTube Videos Help My Mom Through Cancer

Chemo left her exhausted and depressed, but Mom found comfort in an obscure vlogger who reminds her of home.

The Holocaust Survivors Who Take Care of Their Own

As the children of the war reach old age, one group of survivors is teaching nursing home workers how to treat a type of trauma that only they can understand.

Searching for the Woman Who Saved My Immigrant Family from Homelessness

In this time of Islamophobia and hatred, I needed to understand what made a white stranger open her home to us.

40 Years Ago, an Alabama Jury Proved White Supremacists Could Be Brought to Justice

The long-delayed trial of the KKK bomber meant white southerners like me—and my aunt, who was on the jury—could no longer ignore the evil around us.