Intimate with Strangers

Fleeting but memorable moments we share with those we don't know.

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I Was a Chinese Helpline’s Number One Caller. I Had a Problem.

The “magic number” helped foreigners like me get by without learning the language. But I didn’t feel at home in China until I finally hung up the phone.

I’m an American Jew. Palestinians Tried to Kidnap Me. Then We Became Friends.

As a young white man living in the West Bank, I found great sympathy with the Palestinian cause—even when a wrong turn during a riot nearly became a nightmare.

That Time a Guy Asked Me to Channel My Novel’s Protagonist On Our Creepy First Date

As an author seeking representation and a single woman seeking love, I let the strange charade go on a little too long.

Cuddler for Hire

A perpetually shirtless San Franciscan launches the most intimate of business plans: spooning for sale.

Den of the Dominatrix

A former Catholic schoolgirl from the South finds her calling in the big city, fulfilling one fetishistic fantasy after another.

Me and My Eggs

A baby-averse young woman finds her own way to help build a family—by giving a stranger her eggs.