Into Forbidden Lands

Crossing borders into unchartered territory.

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I Was an Extra in a North Korean Propaganda Film

As a visiting documentary filmmaker, I got a rare up-close look at Kim Jong Il’s fanciful film industry. Then they turned the cameras on me.

That Time I Let Myself Be Taken Captive—Because I Didn’t Want to Be Rude

Every woman knows the delicate dance of standing up to pushy men while not coming off as “that bitch.” When I traveled solo in Iran, that mental dance became a nightmare.


Iran Unveiled: The Street Photography Collective That Shows the Softer Side of Iran


A Cuban Prodigy and the King of Instruments

A driven young protégé facing the end of his career, an exiled Cuban musician hungry to help, and one violin’s inspiring journey from Manhattan to Havana.


Cuba on the Cusp

Love and Lies in Iran

Most people dream of spending their honeymoon on exotic beaches. My American bride and I opted for a road trip through the land of the ayatollahs.