Keys to Freeze

A 9,000-mile bike journey through the great American wilderness, from Key West to Alaska.

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Keys to Freeze, Mile 8000: Where America’s Last Road Leads to Frozen Oblivion

After 8,000 miles of cycling, the only thing left in our way was one long frozen road…with a few final thunderstorms, some raging wildfires, a couple of testy truck drivers and one seriously pissed-off grizzly bear.

Keys to Freeze, Mile 7719: Life in a Town Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Just off the northernmost road in the United States there’s a village of fourteen hearty souls who live off the land, preparing for a frighteningly frigid winter and darkness that lasts all day.

Keys to Freeze, Mile 7215: What It Means to Be an Alaskan

Past dozens of rusting buses, trucks and cars, there’s a two-room house where a heartfelt handyman and his pet White Fang share road-kill sausage and local lore with weary travelers.

Keys to Freeze, Mile 6819: A Tiny Yukon Home That’s Way, Way Off the Grid

Squeezing solar power and repurposed glass for all they’re worth, an Arctic artist handcrafts one seriously sustainable home—strong enough to brave the Yukon winters.


Keys to Freeze, Mile 5000: One Hundred Days, 5,000 Miles and 25 million Pedal Strokes Later…

Keys to Freeze, Mile 3599: The Town Devoured by Dust

What happens to a town when its main water supply is diverted to a big nearby metropolis?

Keys To Freeze, Mile 3367: A Race to the Top of the Most Beautiful Place on Earth

The otherworldly wonder of Zion National Park’s towering rock formation attracts thousands of tourists every day. Three men on bikes ascend at an ungodly hour for a moment alone with a view fit for angels.

Keys to Freeze, Mile 2978: A Wandering Man with a Seriously Tricked-Out Van

Meet a West Coast financier with DIY flair who transformed a Mercedes van into a vehicle for fulfilling his unquenchable wanderlust.


Keys to Freeze, Mile 2868: A Wild West Town’s Visionary Experiment