Long Live the Book

Drop your Kindle. Print ain't dead. These heroes are holding on to the promise of paper.

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Meet the 12-Year-Old Trailblazer Fighting for Equality in Kids’ Books

Marley Dias couldn't find enough children's stories featuring people who look like her, so she's working to change that—and getting famous in the process.

Dear Dusty Old Bookstore

Manhattan was once a wonderland for lovers of literature.  What happened?

What is a Library?

Quaint vestige of the Gutenberg era, or cutting-edge panacea for social needs? For a broad swath of the neediest New Yorkers, the humble public library is proving its business is about far more than just books.


Kurt Thometz’s Little Black Bookshop

How a white kid from rural Minnesota who was raised to be racist grew up to become one of the country's foremost collectors of black literature.


Print Ain’t Dead in NYC

Resurrecting the Book Market of Baghdad

When a car bomb obliterates Iraq’s millennium-old literary heart, a bookseller seven thousand miles away resolves that the voices of Al-Mutanabbi Street will not be forgotten.