The Maine Event

Loggers, lobstermen and more than a little salt; assorted sagas from the people of Maine.

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The Sea Farming Sisters in Recovery

How one enterprising Mainer is harvesting a new cash crop — and building a powerful support network for women who need it most.

Step Inside Madam Jones’ Bawdy Blue House of 19th-Century Pleasure

When Maine became the first state to pass Prohibition in 1851, supporters dreamed of a pine-strewn moral haven. One freethinking former seamstress had other ideas.

The Swinging and Singing Lumberjack of the Old Northeast

Chopping down nineteenth-century musical traditions with lyrical might, Larry Gorman’s satirical protest songs won him fervent fans—and spiteful enemies.

God Is in These Waters

Equipped with a beat-up old sloop and a boatload of literary inspiration, a Mainer-turned-city-slicker sets sail on an epic 2,000-mile journey to rediscover the coast of his youth.


The Sisterhood of the Student Midwives

Secret Life of a Public Library Security Guard

In between the rare maps and historical stacks, fishing out fornicators and nixing narcotics transactions are all in a day’s work for one of Portland’s finest.


David Worobec’s Enchanted World

A mother and son duo welcome curious strangers into their home for dinner, dessert and an eclectic evening of quirky miniature musicals.


Senior Barber

From Portland, Maine, a look at a half-century veteran of the hair-cutting trade.