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Sometimes the people who make the news are the ones with the best stories of all.

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My Secret Life as a Rogue Romance Writer

I thought penning steamy books about sex-crazed werewolves was the dumbest job ever. With a little subversion and a huge thesaurus, I learned to love it.

The Grisly Murder That Launched a Podcast Star

Dan Zupansky was an amateur journalist when he started corresponding with Canada’s infamous “Shall We Dance” killer. Today, his fans call him the godfather of true crime.

The For-Refugees, By-Refugees Newspaper That Prints in Six Different Languages

Buffalo has become an unlikely haven for displaced people from far and wide. A one-of-a-kind publication helps them find their footing in a strange new land.

Meet the 20-Year-Old Reporter Who’s Firing Questions at President Trump — From the White House

Kyle Mazza created a news site when he was just eight years old. By high school, he was already on the front lines of independent journalism.

Behind the Story: Chased By the Law in Southern Mongolia

I went to this remote region to produce a documentary. I left with an advanced education in Chinese government censorship.


I Was Kidnapped in the Middle East in 2013. Last Week I Returned for the First Time.

‘Truthers’ Insist My Photos of Sandy Hook Were Faked. They Can Go to Hell.

Covering the school shooting was the most important work I’ve done as a journalist. My photos are the furthest thing from fake news.

20 Years Ago Today, I Helped Launch

How the Lewinsky scandal turned a liberal online playground into a neo-conservative nerve-center.

All the King’s Men

As Thailand’s heavy-handed government continues to stifle dissent, a rebel reporter learns that the most dangerous form of censorship is when it starts to feel normal.