My Secret New York Sanctuary

The places people find peace amongst the hustle and bustle, in collaboration with WNYC radio.

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The Abandoned Garden of Prospect Park

The Vale of Cashmere is an Alice-in-Wonderland kind of place, home to overgrown weeds, murder, and intense writerly contemplation.


All Quiet on the Seventh Floor

A New York poet in search of solitude finds her secret sanctuary nestled deep inside the campus of Columbia University.

Desperately Seeking Rooftop View

Ryan Kailath lives far from his beloved mountains of Northern California. Yet, he still finds a way to be on top of the world.

My Own Private Rockaway

Quito Ziegler waits for the sun to set over New York, and then heads south—as far as the land will go. Only then does Quito find solitude.