The Naked Truth

What do we really talk about when we talk about sex?

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I Changed My Name After I Was Raped

After a serious trauma, some survivors find comfort and empowerment by creating a new identity.

She Had an Abortion Without Telling Me. Is That Ok?

I never thought I would care. And then, suddenly, I did.

Why I Apologized to My Rapist

After a football-playing classmate raped me, everyone in town acted like it was all my own fault. The worst part is that I started to believe them.

I Thought Sex Work Would Be Empowering and Feminist. I Was Dead Wrong.

My modern version of prostitution was fun, easy and body-positive—until it wasn’t.

How I Came to Terms With My Secret Sex-Work Past

In the last decade I’ve built a prosperous career, met the man of my dreams, married him and lost him—all the time haunted by my brief stint selling my body for money.

Just Sterilize Me, Already!

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve known having kids is not for me. At 25, I couldn’t be more certain about my decision to undergo sterilization. So why does every doctor, nurse and therapist in sight keep trying to convince me otherwise?

Reclaiming My Rape, for My Sake and My Daughter’s

When I was drugged and assaulted by a friend in high school, I didn’t even know whether to call it rape. Thirteen years later, Internet activism helped me process my old trauma.

Should New York State Save Sex Workers From Themselves?

A groundbreaking new court system treats prostitutes as victims rather than criminals. But one sex-worker-turned-advocate reveals the flaws in that equation.

When a Father’s Son Becomes His Daughter

My domineering dad stood by me during my gender transition, but I didn’t truly become a woman until I finally stood up to him.