The New Wild West

Mamas aren't letting their babies grow up to be cowboys. The changing landscape of the great American west.

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A Racist Runs Through It

As the government-fighting Bundy brothers stand trial this month, supporters are quick to separate their anti-public lands crusade from their racist tirades. But a historical...

Training the Next Generation of American Oil Workers…For Jobs That Don’t Exist

A new federal program signed up hordes of eager students—just as the industry went bust.


‘You’re So Pumped You Could Fight an Alligator’: The Promise and Pain of Pro Bull Riding

My Dad, the Master Calf Castrator

Modern methods have replaced this grisly ritual on most big farms, but nothing makes me more nostalgic than the thought of gathering bloody bovine nutsacks on a warm June day.

This Native American Cowboy is Turning Up the Heat in Wyoming’s Prisons—And the Inmates Love It.

“Grandpa Willie” LeClair has tamed bucking broncos and prayed at the Vatican. But he found his calling guiding inmates into sweat lodges to spill their regrets and fears.

The Buffalo Brigade Protecting Yellowstone’s Noble Beasts

They’re one of the last wild buffalo herds in the U.S. but every year hundreds are shot or slaughtered. A group of camera-toting activists wants to make sure the world sees.

Hunting Among Wolves

After a controversial move to introduce the gray wolf to Yellowstone National Park, the carnivores have spread across Montana. Since then, our lives haven't been the same.