The Nonagenarians

Scratch the stereotype. There's more to them than knitting and pinochle. The coolest stories from people 90+.

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A 93-Year-Old Icon of Photography Contemplates His Legacy

Tony Vaccaro made a name for himself with the intimate photos he took as a soldier in WWII, and went on to photograph the likes of O'Keefe, Picasso and Kennedy. Now, he's organizing and preserving his life’s work.

The Man Who Made the World Cup Trophy

Four decades after crafting a cup that would stand the test of time, a nonagenarian Italian sculptor reflects on the true nature of victory.

Penny for Her Thoughts

This whiskey-swilling, punctuation-loving, Mad Men-era advertising veteran has tried to retire—really, she has—but ninety-three-year-old Penny Speckter just keeps on chugging.

Mayela the Brave

Born to privilege in the Philippines then uprooted to a new life as a post-war Army wife in Queens, a near-centenarian New Yorker looks back on nine-plus decades and nine thousand miles.

Isabella Karle’s Curious Crystal Method

What neighbors in a quiet D.C. suburb might not know is that the silver-haired gardening grandmother next door is perhaps one of the greatest—if largely unknown—scientists of her generation.


The Inventor

Endlessly tinkering away in his garage, Carl Sarno has dreamed up everything from spill-proof paint lids to hemorrhoid applicators and mine detonators. But for this ultimate old-school innovator, the thrill lies not in the outcome but in the...

The Wondrous Lives of Julius Shapiro

He was a jovial Lower East Side gangster, wartime chemical researcher and secretive color television pioneer. An inquisitive daughter wants the full story, but this ninety-three-year-old would rather drink his coffee and read his book in peace.