The Nonagenarians

Scratch the stereotype. There's more to them than knitting and pinochle. The coolest stories from people 90+.

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A 93-Year-Old Icon of Photography Contemplates His Legacy

Tony Vaccaro made a name for himself with the intimate photos he took as a soldier in WWII, and went on to photograph the likes of O'Keefe, Picasso and Kennedy. Now, he's...

The Man Who Made the World Cup Trophy

Four decades after crafting a cup that would stand the test of time, a nonagenarian Italian sculptor reflects on the true nature of victory.

Penny for Her Thoughts

This whiskey-swilling, punctuation-loving, Mad Men-era advertising veteran has tried to retire—really, she has—but ninety-three-year-old Penny Speckter just keeps on chugging.

Mayela the Brave

Born to privilege in the Philippines then uprooted to a new life as a post-war Army wife in Queens, a near-centenarian New Yorker looks back on nine-plus decades and nine thousand...

Isabella Karle’s Curious Crystal Method

What neighbors in a quiet D.C. suburb might not know is that the silver-haired gardening grandmother next door is perhaps one of the greatest—if largely unknown—scientists of...


The Inventor

Endlessly tinkering away in his garage, Carl Sarno has dreamed up everything from spill-proof paint lids to hemorrhoid applicators and mine detonators. But for this ultimate...

The Wondrous Lives of Julius Shapiro

He was a jovial Lower East Side gangster, wartime chemical researcher and secretive color television pioneer. An inquisitive daughter wants the full story, but this...