Shelves lined with trolls and laundry lists of facts. Meet the people behind some of the world's wackiest collections.

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Lifelong Quests! Lawsuits! Feuds! A Super-Serious Story About Cereal.

The world’s most obsessive breakfast-food fans demonstrate just how far humans will go for the sweet taste of nostalgia.


The Collector of Time

As Mark McKinley puts it, “no collector ever says, ‘I’ve gone too far.'” After 27 years and an official Guinness World Record, he stands by that statement.

Where Counting Hawks Is an Obsession

Greg Hanisek’s decades-old ritual defines his life, even as the birds and those who track them slowly disappear.

One Fast Food Fanatic’s Quest to Make His Chicken Chain the Next McDonald’s

Albert Okura lives and breathes the legend of Ray Kroc – he even bought the first McDonald’s location – and he won’t stop until his own franchise is a household name.


This Obsessive Utah Artist Spent a Half-Century Building a Personal Shrine

Ralphael Plescia turned an unused building into a quirky, cultural goldmine. But what will become of it all when he’s gone?

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace My ‘My Little Pony’ Obsession

I spend thousands of dollars on nostalgic toy horses. When I finally opened up to my husband about my hush-hush habit, it actually brought us closer together.

The Record Baron of Beirut

Through thirty-five years of sectarian strife and brutal civil war in Lebanon, a former fighter and obsessive vinyl collector has provided a vital soundtrack of distraction.

House of Wonders

In a remote patch of Wisconsin, a mysterious midcentury architect turned his favorite wilderness retreat into one of the country’s most curious collections of kitsch.

The Dame of Dictionaries

A woman turns her passion for words into one of the world’s preeminent dictionary collections, filling her West Village home to the bursting point with some 20,000 titles.